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Henry’s Chef’s Table

Take the chance to try several dishes from my menu.

Therefore I serve a variation of starters and main courses on platters and invite you to share it with your friends and family.

Price per Person CHF 99.-,

Depending on the size and type of event, you can hire me partially or with exclusivity.


  • Breakfast   
  • Lunch & Flying Lunch
  • Apéro with drinks and snacks
  • Dinner & Flying Dinner

Up to 120 persons

There is seating space for up to 80 people and if you want to break conventions I can fit up to 120 friends for a flying dinner.

Party with DJ

If required, a DJ desk can be rented.


Meetings and Conventions.

If required, a TV, beamer and microphone can be rented.

Henry’s Table

The long wooden table is perfect for groups up to 26 people. As you already know. I love to share. Book your sharing dinner and spend a great time with me. Lot’s of starters and main courses as well as desserts are placed in the middle. Of course, a classy menu is also possible.

I look forward to getting in touch via telephone or e-mail.